Marcos Tadeu DAzeredo Orlando

Title: Dr (CBPF, Brasil, 1999)

Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)
Curriculum: Lattes

Participation in projects:

Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months) Participation in the project
Nanotecnology, Crystallographic Structures, Symmetries and Functionality 24/08/2018 96 Coordinator *
Research on properties of Monazitic Sands 01/03/2020 96 Coordinator *
01/08/2013 24 Researcher *
01/04/2013 48 Coordinator *
18/05/2009 24 Coordinator *


Participants in examination boards:

Titlesort descending Name Defense date Course
A novel pathway to recover hydrocarbons from polyethylene residues through the combustion-driven pyrolysis process João Vitor Ferreira Duque 24/02/2021 **Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering**
Arthur SantAna Cavichini 15/04/2014 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**
Juliana Nunes Oliveira Pinto 15/04/2014 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**
Camila Zangerolame Santos 07/12/2012 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**
Lucas Corrêa de Almeida 31/05/2013 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**


Disciplines taught:

Academic termsort descending Code Name Hours Course
2020/1 PGEM-6707 Advanced Topics in Materials Science and Engineering I: Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) 45 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**
2020/1 PGEM-7707 Advanced Topics in Materials Science and Engineering I: Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) 45 **Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering**
2021/1 PGEM-6105 Microstructural Analysis Techniques 45 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**
2021/1 PGEM-7105 Microstructural Analysis Techniques 45 **Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering**
2021/2 PGEM-6111 Residual Stress 45 **MSc in Mechanical Engineering**


Guided Students:

Name Titlesort descending Defense date Role Type
Alan Johnny Romanel Ambrozio 27/06/2013 Advisor * MSc dissertation
Anderson do Nascimento Rouver 24/05/2013 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
Arthur SantAna Cavichini 15/04/2014 Advisor * MSc dissertation
Camila Zangerolame Santos 07/12/2012 Advisor * MSc dissertation
Caruline de Souza Carvalho Machado 13/05/2015 Advisor * MSc dissertation


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