Name: Manuel Ernesto Dionisio Salazar Schiaffino
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 31/08/2018

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José Joaquim Conceição Soares Santos Advisor *

Examining board:

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Atilio Barbosa Lourenço External Examiner *
Felipe Raul Ponce Arrieta External Examiner *
João Luiz Marcon Donatelli Co advisor *
José Joaquim Conceição Soares Santos Advisor *

Summary: In this work, the modeling and optimization is performed using the Engineering Equation Solver (EES) software to harness the heat from two thermal rejects, cooling water and exhaust gas, from internal combustion engines (MCI) of a thermoelectric plant using Kalina cycles, with a Kalina superstructure integrated into the thermoelectric plant which takes into account the consumption of the radiators, the cooling tower and the back pressure effect. The modeling involves several basic alternatives capable of producing, individually or in association, electric energy and counts with a high cycle taking advantage of the exhaust gases and another low cycle taking advantage of the engine cooling water. The optimization performed is parametric and structural, with the objective of maximizing profit, and selecting which cycle produces power with lower cost. Thermodynamic and economic modeling are performed for this work, which consider fourteen decision variables to meet the high and low cycles. The main contribution is to determine the best configuration based on the thermoeconomic optimization, aiming to increase the power generation of the Viana UTE without the need for additional fuel use. The results showed that in the optimum condition it is possible to obtain an increase of about 7.5% of the power generated by the thermoelectric plant.
Kalina Cycle; Thermoeconomic Optimization; Superstructure; Diesel Engines; Waste Heat Recovery.

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