Name: Roger da Silva Rodrigues
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/09/2016

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José Joaquim Conceição Soares Santos Advisor *

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Arnaldo Martín Martínez Reyes External Examiner *
Atilio Barbosa Lourenço External Examiner *
José Joaquim Conceição Soares Santos Advisor *
Rubén Alexis Miranda Carrillo External Examiner *

Summary: The focus of this work is a dual plant proposed by Uche, Serra and Valero (2001), which uses steam cycle (Rankine) with four enclosed feed water heaters and a deaerator, capable of producing both electricity and steam To be routed to the production of desalted water in an MSF unit. In the light of the above, it is intended to carry out the thermoeconomic evaluation through the allocation of costs, using thermoeconomic models E, E & S and H & S, with their variants for the formulation of auxiliary equations (multiproduct and byproduct criteria), in order to determine The unitary exergetic costs of final products. In the case of the E & S and H & S models, the MSF unit was worked under two aspects: complete and dismembered into two other components. The analysis of the results was made based on the general aspects of thermodynamics, calculating the irreversibilities, resource-product relations, besides the discussion about the behavior of the ordered pairs exergetic unit cost of the power x unitary exergetic cost of the water. The E & S-MP models, with MSF dismembered or not, were inconsistent from the point of view of thermodynamic aspects and the advantages of applying cogeneration. The H & S-MP model without dismemberment of the MSF unit was also inconsistent with the advantages of the use of cogeneration, reinforcing the importance of the dismantling of the desalination unit. The other models were located in the region of feasibility of cogeneration, however, with some of them using the arbitrariness imposed by the criterion byproduct. The E and H & S models with MSF dismemberment were the most coherent.

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