Name: Eduardo Calegario Coêlho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 04/11/2016

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Edson Jose Soares Advisor *
Renato do Nascimento Siqueira Advisor *

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Daniel Onofre de Almeida Cruz External Examiner *
Edson Jose Soares Advisor *

Summary: In this work, it is investigated the drag reduction efficiency of aqueous solutions of the mixture of polymers and okra fibers. For this purpose, an experimental apparatus consisting of a series piping system is used, WHERE the main test section is made of stainless steel with an internal grinding treatment. This apparatus has a magnetic flow meter and three pressure transducers for the acquisition of the experimental data and the flow is driven by a centrifugal pump with fixed rotation. To obtain the test material of this work, a methodology of processing the fruit, initially in its intact state, is developed. The results are focused on the analysis of the drag reduction capacity of the material in different concentrations. Analyzes such as pressure drop and flow gain are also performed with the objective of evaluating the efficiency of the solutions against degradation. An analysis, in which the absolute DR values ​​are rearranged, is made and presented as a function of the relative drag reduction, DR '. Because it is a natural polymer, which is strongly susceptible to biological degradation, a test evaluating the effect of such degradation under the drag-reducing capability of the solution is also performed. As a new reducing agent, the material was compared, according to the drag reduction capacity, with two other widely used and widely used materials: Xanthan Gum, a natural and rigid polysaccharide, and Polyethylene Oxide, a Synthetic and flexible polymer. Finally, blends of ova fibers and polymers with polyethylene oxide are prepared and tested, showing interesting synergistic effects. The results confirm the efficiency and applicability of polymers and fibers of okra as good reducing agents.

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