Name: Michell Luiz Costalonga
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 15/03/2017

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Edson Jose Soares Advisor *

Examining board:

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André Leibsohn Martins External Examiner *
Bruno Venturini Loureiro Co advisor *
Edson Jose Soares Advisor *
Fabio de Assis Ressel Pereira External Examiner *

Summary: The drag reduction (DR) by injection of small amounts of polymers, surfactants and fibers in turbulent flow has been studied for over sixty years. The applications include transport of liquids in pipelines, firefighting operations, bio-medicine among many others. Up to now, the most part of the works is related flow in tubes, channels and rotating geometries. In fact there are not as many papers in which the drag reducing flow in an annular space has been considered and this is the main point of the present work. It is worth noting that the axial flow in annular space occurs in many industrial applications and it is relevant in several processes, as those in the drilling industry. Hence, in attempt to understand the main difference between the drag reduction in annular spaces in comparison to that one observed in tubes, it was conducted a sequence of experiments by aid of an experimental setup. We used different polymer solutions with different concentrations. The main data are presented in terms DR over the number of pass through the experimental system. By doing so, in addition to DR, we were able to take into account the fall of efficiency caused by mechanical polymeric degradation.

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