Name: Marcelo Almeida Azeredo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/03/2017

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Rogério Ramos Advisor *

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Edson Jose Soares Internal Examiner *
Gilmar Mompean External Examiner *
Rogério Ramos Advisor *

Summary: Turbulent flow is an important research field in fluid dynamics, once the phenomenon is present in vast majority of engineering processes, such as fluid transport by pipeline, flow measurement, combustion, etc. A fully developed turbulent channel flow study (at 𝑅𝑒𝜏 = 180 - Reynolds number based on the friction velocity) was performed. This dissertation investigates a Newtonian and incompressible fluid in isothermal condition. The analysis was conducted by using the Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) technique applied through a commercial software based on the Finite Volume Method. Different types of geometries, meshes, boundary conditions and initial fields of velocity and pressure are present. Turbulence statistics were calculated with DNS data, such as mean velocity and turbulent flow intensity. In order to evaluate the applicability of the software to develop this type of simulation, the results were compared with consolidated data from another DNS. Moreover, a comparison between DNS and the k-Ꜫ turbulence model is briefly presented. Results reproduce characteristics of the phenomena studied, such as randomness of the components of velocity and symmetry of velocity mean and turbulent intensity profiles. The study validates the software's ability to develop DNS, considering the deviations from the references adopted.

Keywords: Direct Numerical Simulation. DNS. Turbulence. Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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