Name: Fady Aboujaoude
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/12/2017

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Rogério Ramos Advisor *

Examining board:

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Márcio Coelho de Mattos External Examiner *
Renato do Nascimento Siqueira Internal Examiner *
Rogério Ramos Advisor *

Summary: The use of transit-time ultrasonic flow meters has been increasing in recent years, and undoubtedly there is a need for the development of Brazilian technology in this field of instrumentation. This work is dedicated to the study of flow measurement in heavy oils by ultrasound with the intention of verifying experimentally the validity of the statistical procedures used in order to reduce the uncertainties in the readings. To accomplish this, effects of possible errors of the transit-time flow meter are analyzed experimentally and validated in relation to a reference flow meter.
Ultrasonic flowmeter, transit time, heavy oil, flow measurement

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