Name: Leone Bernardo Florindo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 09/03/2018

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Wellington Betencurte da Silva Advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Luiz Alberto da Silva Abreu Co advisor *
Marcio Ferreira Martins Internal Examiner *
Vinicius Barroso Soares External Examiner *
Wellington Betencurte da Silva Advisor *

Summary: Composite materials have numerous applications in the most varied areas of engineering. In this scope, mastery of these materials becomes necessary. The composite material acquires properties of each materials that constitute it. However, between its layers there may be adhesion failures, compromising its quality. In this way, it is proposed to estimate the thermal contact conductance at the interface of a laminated composite, which can be directly associated with adhesion failures. Therefore, it was proposed to apply the UnscentedKalmanFilterwiththemethodoflinestosolveaninverseheattransferproblem. It was established a physical problem characterized by being transient regime and twodimensional, then the thermal contact conductance at the interface between the layers is a function of time and space in one direction. The temperature measurements used as input data for the equations that model the problem were obtained through simulations. In the tests carried out, a variety of materials and composite dimensions were used. A sensitivity analysis was made regarding noises in the measuared temperatures and a verification of the influence of the time in the physical problem relating to the computational effort. The results have shown that the methods applied were effective to indentify the laminated composite failure.

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