Name: Vitor Pancieri Pinheiro
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 01/03/2018

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Carlos Friedrich Loeffler Neto Advisor *

Examining board:

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Andre Bulcão External Examiner *
Carlos Friedrich Loeffler Neto Advisor *
José Antonio Fontes Santiago External Examiner *
Julio Tomás Aquije Chacaltana External Examiner *

Summary: The most usual formulations of the boundary element method for solving the diffusive-advective problems present significant difficulties in the treatment of the transport term, for various reasons. While the classical formulation, which uses the fundamental diffusive-advective solution, is limited in variable velocity fields, the dual reciprocity (DRBEM) formulation presents precision problems, being unable to produce satisfactory results even for moderate Peclét numbers. This work applies the recent regularized direct interpolation technique with radial basis functions (DIBEM) to model the advective term, thus allowing good accuracy in problems dominated by advection. The DIBEM was superior to the formulation with dual reciprocity in several applications, as in the cases governed by the Poisson and Helmholtz equations, and thus, its extension to diffusive-advective problems is a natural consequence of its development. In order to evaluate performance of the formulation, test problems with known analytical solution and already simulated by the formulations previously mentioned are solved, in order to expose the applicability and adequacy of DIBEM in this context.
Key words: Direct Integration, Advective-Diffusive Problems, Regularization Process, Boundary Element Method

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