Name: João Victor Soares Chagas
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 04/11/2019

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Carlos Augusto Cardoso Passos Advisor *

Examining board:

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Carlos Augusto Cardoso Passos Advisor *
Luiz Carlos Machado External Examiner *
Marcos Tadeu DAzeredo Orlando Internal Examiner *

Summary: We produced Y Ba2Cu3O7−x ceramic and deposited it in AISI 316L steel in order to
develop a superconducting fault current limiter device. The objective of this work is to
evaluate the influence of heat treatments on the YBCO/316L junction. We produce a
polycrystalline ceramic through solid state reaction. We used Y2O3, BaCO3 e CuO as
reagents, which were mixed and macerated before calcination and sintering. The heat
treatment of calcination and sintering were both performed at 930C for 12h followed by
slow cooling. Both treatments took place under oxygen flow. We cut 3mm thick AISI 316L
steel plates into small 10mm x 75mm devices. These devices went through a milling process
in which a 3mm x 50mm x 1mm groove was created on their surface. At first, we made a
preliminary deposition of YBCO on the groove of the AISI 316L device. We then filled
two metal samples with YBCO and compressed the powders inside it by using a hydraulic
press. The samples remained at 1040C (A1040) and 950C (A950) for 20min and were
slowly cooled to room temperature. Sample A1040 showed severe structural deterioration,
evidencing the non-adhesion of the superconductor in its inside. Sample A950 showed
structural integrity. We characterize the YBCO produced and the samples deposited
through XRD, SEM and EDS. The results show the existence of spurious components in
the material though the average grain boundary size reduced significantly.

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