Name: Marllon Fraga Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 23/10/2019

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Marcos Tadeu DAzeredo Orlando Advisor *

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Antonio Eduardo Martinelli External Examiner *
Cherlio Scandian Internal Examiner *
Marcos Tadeu DAzeredo Orlando Advisor *
Patrício José Moreira Pires External Examiner *

Summary: This study described the elementary granulometry characterization associated with granulated slag from blast furnaces of a steel mill near Vitória- ES – Brazil, in order to qualify and show the applicability of granulated blast furnace slag in various types of industries. Samples from three blast furnaces were analyzed. More specifically, twelve samples were collected, four from each blast furnace. Initially, the samples underwent a sifting process, carried out with eight sieves in the sequence that had an opening diameter ranging from 4800 to 75 micrometers. Each retained granulometric fraction was separated and its mass measured by a semi-analytic balance. With the data obtained in the particle size analysis, the existence of a similar granulometric distribution pattern was verified for the three blast furnaces. Each granulometric fraction of the retained slag was macerated in the ring mill and passed through a 75 micrometers sieve, thus obtaining a powder with the same granulometry for all fractions. This powder was subjected to elemental analysis of X-ray fluorescence. All fractions were analyzed, identifying the variation of chemical composition. The largest amount of material was retained in the range of 1180 to 600 micrometers, totaling 42.5% of the analyzed material, it was observed that the chemical compounds with the highest percentages by mass were calcium oxide, silica and alumina. In addition, it was observed that variations in the concentrations of some chemical compounds are related to the grain size of the granulated slag.

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