Name: Filipe Cestari Coutinho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/06/2020

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Carlos Friedrich Loeffler Neto Advisor *

Examining board:

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Andre Bulcão External Examiner *
Carlos Friedrich Loeffler Neto Advisor *
João Paulo Barbosa External Examiner *
Luciano de Oliveira Castro Lara Internal Examiner *

Summary: The search for comprehension of physical phenomena it is a desire of human being since it is possible record. Problems even more complex are been studied and solved, particularly, in the past few centuries. There was a big complexity in infinites and semi-infinites spaces due to lack of resources. With the advent of numerical methods, these problems, have their solutions near to be determined. Therefore, the boundary element method, appears a great advantage when related to others methods, due to its particularity of an optimized discretization of this type of problem.
In this work, bidimensional potential problems of infinite space and semi-infinite space, which dimensionally the space trend to infinite, are studied with the utilization of boundary element method and method of images. Among them, the problems have change regarding the space conditions, boundary conditions, besides the mesh and source and image points used in discretization of problems.
The observed results either for semi-infinite than infinite spaces, are considered satisfactory, for the problems presented in this work, with speed and precision in their solutions.

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