Name: Ricardo Nogueira de Castro
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/02/2021

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Cherlio Scandian Advisor *

Examining board:

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Cherlio Scandian Advisor *
Nathan Fantecelle Strey External Examiner *
Sérgio Souto Maior Tavares External Examiner *

Summary: Especimen of stainless steel 310 and 321 were tested, after heat treatments, in standardized air jet erosimeter according to ASTM G76. The treatments were solubilization and sging in the samples of 310, and solubilization and stabilization in the samples of 321. The hardness, microstructure and surface roughness of the samples were evaluated before the treatments. The test conditions were: at room temperature, at 30 g/min of particle flow for 10 minutes, at 30° and 90° of impact angle, and with 50 µm alumina and ash (70% 150 to 425 µm) from of a thermochemical reactor for the production of fuel derived from waste. Ash erosivity was evaluated in tests on 304 stainless steel samples at 30 m/s and 70 m/s, with erosion rates close to those with alumina. The results generally show greater wear by alumina and at an angle of 30° but similar wear between materials and treatments. The micro-mechanisms observed were microindentations at 30° and microploughing at 90°, under analysis in SEM.

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