Name: Eduardo Sigler Junior
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/02/2023

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Marcelo Bertolete Carneiro Advisor *

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Marcelo Bertolete Carneiro Advisor *

Summary: Advanced ceramics for structural applications are used as cutting tools for machining cast iron, alloy steels, and hardened steels. Texturing techniques have been used in cutting tools to decrease machining force, friction, improve surface roughness, and increase the tool life. Thus, the aim of the work is to evaluate the performance of alumina-based ceramic cutting tools textured by ultrashort laser pulses in turning of grey cast iron and martensitic stainless steel. Additionally, to study tribological behaviour of ceramic material in microabrasion test using martensitic stainless steel ball. The cutting tools presented similar results to the reference ones, regarding the machining force for both workpiece materials. The same can be mentioned for surface roughness. In microabrasion wear tests, the reference surface (without texture) provided better results.

Key words: Ceramic cutting tool, texturing, microabrasion

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